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Few things in life are more rewarding than walking into a room that is perfectly, uniquely YOU. Sibrava & Associates Interior Concepts specializes in making that happen. We provide a full range of interior design services that create the home and office spaces you have always imagined – spaces that fit your dreams and desires and effortlessly capture your style.

We believe that when an interior is well designed, you will be naturally drawn to use the space the way it was meant to be. This can only happen when all of the elements of a room work together in balance: spatial elements, surface finishes, patterns, color and light.

It's not just black and white or big and small. We know how to look at a space and see heights, impact areas, the natural flow of the room, and so much more. We bring all of these elements together to create rich, layered and intimate environments with impeccable taste that shines through in every carefully chosen detail.

We service the greater metropolitan Chicago area, Wisconsin and northern Indiana. Our founder, Nancy Sibrava, shares her 30+ years of interior design experience with you every step of the way, helping you envision new possibilities and creating homes and offices that make you proud, every time you walk in the door.

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Interior Designers Reveal the Most Common Design Mistakes

I was pleased to contribute to the article entitled “Interior Designers Reveal the Most Common Design Mistakes” by Redfin. There are many areas of design that pose subjective choices. The decisions can be overwhelming.

Since interior design is a three dimensional problem, heights, widths and lengths are always relevant to a great design solution. Therefore the size of furniture, artwork and area rugs are important to the overall design.

Custom Area Rugs-An Extraordinary Design Statement

Don’t let a challenging room in need of an area rug hold you back from finishing the room. Consider a Custom Area Rug to get the perfect finishing touch by using colors and patterns that complement your furniture and draperies. A Custom Area Rug will offer you the perfect color, the perfect size and the perfect shape to fit your room.

Dreaming of the Ideal Bedroom? We can help.

When you think of BEDROOMS, what do you envision?

A warm, inviting space that envelopes you, a soft bed, with warm covers, a sitting area that you can relax in and enjoy leisure time with your spouse?

The word bedroom is defined as a room for sleeping, but we all know that it is much more! In addition to sleeping, a bedroom serves as a quiet, relaxing space that we use for reading, sharing intimate moments, and keeping your wardrobe neat and clean. Depending on the size of the bedroom, we may also use it as a small informal office, an exercise area, or to watch TV and listen to music.

New Lighting Technology keeps interiors cozy and saves money!


The newest technology for LIGHTING our homes is LED.  Light Emitting Diodes use 80% less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb. Not only that, you can count on an LED bulb to give you an average of 50,000 hours of service before a replacement is necessary. This compares to 1,200 hours for a 60 watt incandescent bulb!

An LED bulb not only uses a fraction of the energy, it lasts 42 times longer than an incandescent bulb! The best news is that LED bulbs fit into the same fixtures you have now.

Nancy Sibrava Launches New Website!

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new website.

After months of planning and organizing, designing the layout and writing content, Sibrava & Associates, Interior Concepts has launched their new website.

Visit our New Website today and see our Results.

Browse through the Products Page and familiarize yourself with the range of products we offer. Visit the Portfolio Page to view a diverse selection of projects I have completed. The Testimonial Page offers an insight about how I work with clients and the level of Customer Satisfaction you can expect.

The About Us page will familiarize you with Nancy’s professional background, affiliations and some of the awards she has earned.