Interior Designers Reveal the Most Common Design Mistakes


I was pleased to contribute to the article entitled “Interior Designers Reveal the Most Common Design Mistakes” by Redfin. There are many areas of design that pose subjective choices. The decisions can be overwhelming.

Since interior design is a three dimensional problem, heights, widths and lengths are always relevant to a great design solution. Therefore the size of furniture, artwork and area rugs are important to the overall design.

The Most Common Design Mistake that I address is the use of area rugs. There is more than one way to treat a conversation area, a dining room area rug, or other room design with area rugs. I have a Tip Sheet for Area Rug Use that you can request here. Ask for our Area Rug Tip Sheet and provide your email address and we’ll get that right over to you.

There are many more pitfalls that await you when designing a room and I hope you find some interesting ideas in Redfin’s blog post. Check it out here.

Area Rug Size