From the Words of our Clients

Why do clients trust their most personal spaces to Sibrava and Associates? Three words: insight, vision and great taste! We are proud and humbled by the kind words they have to say about the work we do.


I employed Sibrava Interiors to update my Master Bedroom bathroom. I was pleased with how Nancy was able to delve into my thoughts and preferences for the space. She showed me flooring options that offered a range of possibilities: colors, materials, and sizes with recommendations for a better/best solution. I asked for and received her recommendations for a barn door closure. Her suggestions were consistent with the rest of the space, offering ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. She inspired confidence in the choices I made.

After the bathroom design work was done, I asked her to work through my other redecorating projects including lighting changes, banister changes, and paint color selections in many other areas throughout my home. She was patient with my questions and concerns and I felt very comfortable working with her. I am happy with all the new products and the way they complement what I already had.

-Carla N.



My husband and I initially worked with Nancy to select a sofa for our family room. Nancy was very helpful and suggested a sofa that suited the awkward shape of our space. She also designed some window treatments that helped unite the space with the kitchen. We had clear ideas of colors we were looking for, and Nancy was able to incorporate our desires with a professional design.

Several years later, we approached Nancy about making changes in the living and dining areas. In this case, we were working with some elements that we would not change, such as an oriental carpet and heirloom furniture. Our goal was to soften the window treatments and calm the look of the rooms, while adding additional seating in the living room. Nancy was very good at simplifying our color palate and creating a more functional and appealing furniture layout in the living room.

I was concerned that the design might become more reflective of Nancy’s taste than ours, but she listened and worked with us. It was a very layered process that revealed itself along the way.

Nancy did a great job incorporating new furniture with the existing pieces in the room. She recommends good quality merchandise and we did splurge on a couple items that we fell in love with! The window treatments are especially beautiful and unite the two rooms. Working with Nancy, we were able to achieve all of our goals.

-Kathy & Garrett W.



Nancy is wonderful! I have known her for over eight years. She takes time to understand your design aesthetics and took extra care to find selections that appealed to me. Their tradesmen are professional and conscientious – from upholstery to carpet installers, they all did a marvelous job. Not only did I get the designer touch that Nancy adds to each of my projects, she works within my budget and gets the jobs done in a timely manner!

-Mary C.



It was a pleasure working with Sibrava & Associates Interior Concepts on my design projects. The cost of the services are totally worth it.

Nancy and I have worked through my entire house, one room at a time. Friends and relatives always say “You have a beautiful home!” I feel as though we collaborate on these projects; the results are ‘me’ but so much better than I could have done myself.

We worked on colors, textures and style of furniture. The window treatments are a standout. The furniture, area rugs and accessories I purchased from Nancy are high quality, blend well with my other pieces and instill warmth and depth to each room in my home.

The time she took in the planning stage produced a home that I had always hoped for. Years after the original work was done, I still really love the results. I would recommend Sibrava & Associates Interior Concepts for any interior design work you may be planning!

-Rebecca M.



Sibrava recently measured my basement and drew up plans for remodeling and space planning. I was looking for a division of space that is more tailored to our needs, including a new bath room and shower, media area, storage spaces, laundry and guest bedroom. After we had worked through some architectural considerations, she drew up demolition plans and construction plans that became the ground work for the project. This preliminary basement design was so important in planning the space and preparing for the construction work that I didn’t realize how helpful her design abilities were until I met with the builder. The project was finished in 2015 following her plans. I am thoroughly pleased with the final results.


I had seen relatives use designers who marched them through the Mart at rapid pace, buying whatever looked impressive at first glance and never being happy with the final result. I wanted to work with someone who was not in a rush and who would understand my tastes and objectives. I did not want to be told what I “should” like.

I continue to be amazed how spot on everything was. I am able to say that my apartment looks like what I had always hoped it would, and that I have no regrets or do-overs.

Nancy was patient, took the time to listen and understand what I was trying to achieve. I never felt rushed or pressured. Nancy always did her homework and gave me useful options in terms of look and price points.

Apart from the fact that almost two years later I still walk into my study and say to myself that the look is “perfect,” I am most pleased for the fact that I know I bought quality. The furniture is built to be used, and built to last for generations. I know it is hard to source quality today, with so much furniture being disposable, either because it is cheaply made or quickly goes out of style. We took time and I got quality.

Working with Nancy was very cost effective. There was always transparency on pricing, and I always felt that no matter the objective, I was getting Nancy’s time, attention, thoughtfulness and skill.

Nancy has great taste and a good eye, but most importantly she was always patient, listened and understood my objectives. I could not have had a more satisfying experience designing and furnishing my co-op. I could not be more pleased with the results.

-Michael T.



I was most pleased about the quality and good taste of the products I purchased from Sibrava & Associates. I would definitely recommend them. The results are always more than satisfying. The cost of working with them is worth it, and the results are always in good taste! We have done so much together through the years. I always rely on their judgement for large and small projects.

-Lillian B.



In the past, we have had concerns that a designer might not come up with ideas compatible with our taste or be able to work within our budget.

The cohesiveness of Sibrava & Associates’ projects does not happen by chance but is the result of their meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of design.

Nancy inquired about our lifestyle and asked our opinion of various design styles to gain an understanding of our personal taste and decorating objectives. She then presented us with several options reflecting our style.

Nancy was respectful of our budget. She provided a rationale for her selections and opened our eyes to possibilities we would not have considered on our own. Throughout the process, we became informed consumers with a better understanding of and appreciation for interior design.

The materials Nancy sourced (from fabric, to trims, hardware, etc.) were of consistently high quality. She oversaw the fabrication and installation of our window treatments and made sure that minor adjustments were made on site so that our expectations, as well as her own high standards, were met.

I would definitely recommend Sibrava & Associates. Nancy has a vast knowledge of product and design. Her proposals were detailed and thorough. She provided a realistic time line for project completion and kept us informed of unanticipated delays. She was actively involved in every step of the design process from beginning to end.

We found working with an interior designer to be of great benefit and well worth the cost. Nancy’s window treatments provided the finishing touch to a major remodeling project in our house. Her ability to create a harmonious flow from one room to another resulted in a unified and relaxing atmosphere throughout our home. I don’t believe we could ever have achieved this on our own.

-Mary Ann K.